10 Best Things About Being a Wedding Photographer

It might be said—if one were inclined to be critical—that an awful lot of the material we post here at KISS is of the kind that one might call “doom-and-gloom.” Cautionary tales. Y’know, this sort of stuff: “Here are five things you need to do if you want to avoid utter and irreversible failure: viz., going completely belly-up as a photographer in the most public and humiliating way imaginable.”

being a wedding photographerWell, for those of you for whom doom-and-gloom is limited in its appeal, [this delightful article] by Lauren Lim will waft into your field of vision like a refreshing summer breeze. (If, that is, attempting to marshal both summer breezes and fields of vision in a single image does not result in an incoherent metaphor.) It appears to be Lauren’s firm conviction that wedding photography is pretty much the best sort of photography, and she calls to witness ten different reasons for thinking so, without mixing up her metaphors even once. Here are just a few of her reasons.

Heading up her list is the fact that a wedding is “an amazing photographic event.” It’s a nonstop day of shooting that embodies a full range of photographic situations and modes, and the gamut of human emotions. (With the possible exception of “purple-faced rage” and “fathomless grief.”) You get to do portraiture (individual and group), still-life (rings, flowers, the cake, the cocktail weenies), and even photojournalism—you’re capturing an important event, harnessing the narrative of a relationship, a commitment and a life-transition. Word. Even your skills in photographing landscape and architecture may be brought into play.being a wedding photographer

Do you like working under pressure? If so, shooting a wedding is the functional equivalent of shooting up narcotics. And if not, well, the discipline’ll be good for ya. It’ll put hair on your chest. Photographing a wedding forces you to discipline your time, effort and attention in the service of capturing an extensive body of images in accordance with an inexorable timetable. And if the pressure is not your favorite, rejoice in the fact that you get to be your own boss and travel all over the freakin place to shoot in a variety of settings. Surely a bit of self-discipline is a small price to pay for a lifestyle of nonstop glamour and adventure.

being a wedding photographer 1Finally, there’s this: you get to create work that will be seen as lasting and important. Outside of wedding photography, only the very upper echelon of photographers will shoot images that are still lauded decades later—but as a wedding photographer, that’s what you’ll be doing routinely. The pictures you create will become family treasures, interpersonal icons, monuments to which aging couples will be able to attach a wealth of memories. That’s worth dwelling on.