50 Photo Workshops in 2015…in the comments alone!

Sarah Jacobs of Photoshelter, etc.The illustrious Sarah Jacobs over at Photoshelter has been kind enough to compile a pretty massive list of 50 photo workshops in 2015. That was her intention, at least. We are not sure if the resulting workshop-promoting comment-storm was a part of her plan, but just scanning quickly through the comments, it is clear that there are WAY more than 50 photo workshops in 2015…

Sarah lists workshops from NatGeo (Creepy Crawly Critters: March 21, 2015), Momenta’s workshops (in cahoots with Leica), Within The Frame Photographic Adventures (Bali Within the Frame: June 6–16, 2015) and Santa Fe workshops ranging from actual Santa Fe, south to Mexico and as far north as Alaska.

And then there are the comments.

photo workshops in 2015

Even Fabio is getting in on the promote-my-workshop-in-the-comments action!

photo workshops in 2015


Read the full official list [here].