...from a Wedding Venue Called The Barn at High Point Farms.

The Barn at High Point Farms is a popular wedding venue, north of Atlanta, just across the state line from Chattanooga, Tennessee. Each year, photographers who shoot weddings there submit their best shots to the venue.  And at the end of each, The Barn sifts through their favorites, to see if they can identify the 24-carat diamonds hidden among the regular gems. Here, according to the venue manager, is the crème de la crème: The Barn’s best wedding photos of 2015.  Twenty of their favorite shots that capture various niche-y aspects of what we have all come to love about weddings.

Take this one, for instance:

best wedding photos of 2015

“The Heavens Proclaim” is a combination of so many great elements: nicely framed, a high degree of spiffy-ocity demonstrated by both bride and groom, the venue presented to advantage, and a glorious sunset bursting overhead.

There’s also this one:

best wedding photos of 2015

“Fields of Clover” is a lovely bridal portrait, featuring Jenny—“our Bohemian free spirited type bride.” A lovely vintage lace dress surrounded by cloverfield, and not a rampaging monster in sight.

And how about this one:

best wedding photos of 2015

“Flower Child” showcases another bohemian bride, lovely Kate, in close-up, all bedecked in the season’s finest, virtuously assailing convention on a vintage sofa with pasture-green forming the backdrop.

And will you look that this one!

best wedding photos of 2015

Ooohh, la la!  “Red Hot Romance” is a spicy dip-and-kissy shot with a seriously vintage red truck almost stealing the show, the effect amplified in that lovely agricultural setting.

And here’s a really sweet one:

best wedding photos of 2015

“Princess for a Day” is a charming shot of bride and flower girl on a swing, in a sea of softened, sweetened spring green.

And we can’t let you off without having a look-see at this one:

best wedding photos of 2015

“Gone with the Wind” is a gorgeous B&G portrait backdropped by a verdant cascade of vines covering the milk house, and accented with touches of barn red, with the bride’s veil obediently wafting in the breeze. Scarlett would be SO jealous.

Frankly, my dear, these are lovely photographs indeed. They may or may not be the best wedding photos of 2015, period, but they certainly do credit to The Barn at High Point Farms, and it is with great pleasure that we pass them along to you.