Expert Wedding Planning Tips: Choose Wedding Vendors Wisely

Choose Wedding Vendors WiselyMost of the material we review at KISS-U is related to photography as a profession, and particularly wedding photography. What’s interesting about [THIS] piece is that it’s not primarily about photography, although it is about weddings. It’s really about how to assemble your team of vendors when you’re preparing to celebrate your own wedding. Choosing wedding vendors is apparently not as simple as thumbing through whatever passes for the yellow pages these days. The article is brought to us by prominent London wedding planner Andri (who appears not to have a last name) of Always Andri Wedding Design, as reported by the website Bridal Musings.

“But, uh, boss,” we can hear you demurring, “I’m, uh, already married. What for do I need this article, huh?”Choose Wedding Vendors Wisely top-tips-on-choosing-your-wedding-vendors

May we respectfully submit that you are missing the point? We are posting this piece to give you an idea of what wedding planning looks like from the perspective of the wedding planner who is working with the happy young couple. Based on her years of experience in putting together other people’s weddings, she offers her advice on how to choose wedding vendors—including you. In this picture, you, o wedding photographer, are the outsider. Hmmm, interesting. Wouldn’t it be helpful to you to see how, as a wedding shooter, you are perceived by the people who put together the weddings? Ah, we thought you would.Choose Wedding Vendors Wisely - thank-you-card- Viola Prits

In the perspective set forth by “Andri” (if, indeed, that is her real name), you are one of a posse of wedding “vendors” or “suppliers” that will also include the stationer (you know, as in “stationery”—a printing professional) and the florist (you know, as in “flowers”).

Learning to see yourself as just one of a tribe of people whom the bride and groom will be hiring in support of their wedding may furnish you with a more realistic, sobering, and perhaps even humbling sense of how you will fit into the overall picture (!) of the wedding as it comes together.