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Jeffrey Shaw is a photographer, entrepreneur, business coach and general success enthusiast. He’s created the Creative Warrior podcast & blog to encourage growth in the creative business owner. Not only is it loaded with great conversations and advice, it is possibly the coolest name for anything, ever. Creative Warrior.

Jeffrey’s Creative Warrior recently put together a list of 8 Positive Escalators, titled  and our own Kevin Swan made the list!

From Jeffrey: “I use the term Positive Escalator a lot in my work as a coach. Meaning that one person is ahead of another and reaches out to pull that person up. And that person reaches behind and lends a hand to the next person. And so on and so on.”

Here’s his full list, complete with links to their respective podcasts:

  • Thai Nguyen– You inspired me and so many of us to live the life of our dreams…without holding back. And you’ve become a friend.
  • Corwin Hiebert– I felt immediately connected with your work serving creative entrepreneurs and you are a wealth of information.
  • Ted Coine– You offer a whole new perspective on social media which has opened our eyes to new possibilities in the future. Thank you.
  • David Mead– Did you ever deliver! Being such a fan of Simon Sinek I held you to a very high standard. You exceeded anything I could have hoped for.
  • Jordan Harbinger– You certainly kept me on my toes! Thank you for showing me how to be bold in just the right ways.
  • Kevin Swan– You made me and I know thousands of others, question whether we’re living what we say our priorities are. You are the real deal.
  • Jay Baer– You give the term genius real meaning. To find out you’re also the nicest guy and someone I now consider a friend is a super bonus.
  • Ben Newman– I think you could inspire a tree to grow bigger. Seriously, I felt bigger just being in your presence over the airwaves.

Hear a compilation of insights from all 8 of the Escalators [Here].