Increase Traffic To Your Photography Blog

Increase Traffic To Your Photography Blog

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So you’re a photographer, and a durned good one at that. Everyone says so: your Mum, and all four of your clients. And you’ve decided that it’s time to take your business to the next level by setting up a blog to showcase your work, maybe gain another client or two! But if we may quote (paraphrase, really) the iconic line from Gone With the Wind, “You don’t know nothing ‘bout [bloggin’ no photos]!” What’s to guarantee that anyone will ever even see the content that you’re blogging? How do you get the word out? Take heart, hapless photographer; the obviously well-informed author of [this piece] had you in mind when he set forth these helpful tips.

photographer-349874_1280For starters, if you want to increase traffic to your photography blog, he emphasizes the value of consistency: “Shoot. Blog. (Repeat.)” Just staying in there is apparently half the battle. The consistent mounting of even a relatively weeny little post of 300 words (let the reader understand!) and a handful of photos can serve to consolidate your reputation in the socio-webs. Turning your photo shoots into blogging ops is another winner. You’re a creator of visual magic; what you do is interesting not just for its end product, but as process – blog the process. Let your adoring public see you in your element.

It seems there are three primary blog traffic sources. The first is “Your Fan Club.” This would be your Mum, your close friends, and the guy dating your sister. The people who already feel connected to you and appreciate your work will be interested in checking out the content on your blog. Then there’s “Word of Mouth.” Vendors you’ve worked with, the clients you blogged about, and all of their friends and relations will tag and share and re-share! This sort of thing can snowball, you know. Soon there will be so many pebbles on the chessboard that the emperor will simply give you a high-ranking post in his government.

Increase Traffic To Your Photography BlogThe third source is—and you’ll want to perk up at this point—“Search Traffic.” According to the article, once you’ve gone through your Mum, your friends, your clients and vendors, your best hope by far of seeing a high volume of traffic to your photography blog is making sure that it shows up in searches, and to do this, you’ll need to SEO the pants off of that sucker. Tag, tag, and tag. Make your image data visible to search engines. Incorporate obvious search terms into your content.

Following Mr Admin’s (if that even is his real name, which we doubt) thoroughly sensible regimen will virtually guarantee that your Mum and your clients will be joined by a teeming throng of rank strangers, who will soon evolve into an enthusiastic public, all oohing and ahhing over how interesting your photography blog is. Read the full treatment [here].Increase Traffic To Your Photography Blog