Is This THE Ultimate Camera Backpack?

The PRVKE Pack may be about to take the photography world by storm. Which is really saying something, you know, for a backpack.

PRVKE PackNot gonna lie: we aren’t 100% sure how to pronounce it, but after checking out their kickstarter campaign, we’re willing to sound it out! We suspect it is not pronounced Perv-Key, but something much closer to /prəˈvōk/ – or, for the rest of us, Provoke. (Hooked on Phonics worked for us!) The bag’s maker is  a company calling itself Wandrd, which we’re guessing isn’t a Harry Potter themed magic hot rod broom store called Wand Rod, but rather just Wandered without those extemporaneous Es. They really like to trim the fat, drop vowels, cut weight, stuff like that. And to their credit, the bag appears to be loaded with everything you need, and nothing you don’t. It’s gorgeous, spacious, well designed, and as nearly as we can tell, represents the pinnacle of the evolutionary process in camera bags.

PRVKE PackHere are five things we really like about the PRVKE Pack.

The PRVKE Pack has:  Versatility

This camera pack has been so thoroughly thought-out. Everything you’ve ever found unsatisfactory about camera bags has been taken into account. Obviously, as a backpack it leaves your hands free—and it’s designed so as to serve not only as a camera bag, but an all-purpose travel pack. As a bonus, the PRVKE can be slung around to your front and serve as a work surface.

PRVKE PackThe PRVKE Pack has: Accessibility

This pack offers multiple modes of access: via the clamshell, through the roll top, or by a side access port. The inside is given structure by a removable foam cube designed to accommodate one DSLR and up to eight lenses. There are myriads of specialized and well-placed pockets, zippers and compartments besides the main one, including a tripod pocket, and there’s a separate compartment for lugging your laptop.

The PRVKE Pack has: Durability

The PRVKE Pack is made out of tough, weather-resistant nylon dobby and tarpaulin. In the early trials, a small nuclear device was detonated next to one of these babies and when the fallout cleared, the PRVKE showed nary a scratch.* This here is one hardy camera bag.

PRVKE PackThe PRVKE Pack has: Gentility

Maybe the term we chose for this section doesn’t completely make sense; we just wanted to maintain the ‘—ity’ theme. What we’re getting at here is that we think this thing looks awful darn cool. Sleek, economical design, nice lines, minimalist. It simply screams… well, you see, it doesn’t scream. That’s the point. It oozes. No, wait, it doesn’t do that either. It’s just a masterfully designed camera pack, and we think it looks swell.

The PRVKE Pack has: Unintelligibility

It’s impossible to pronounce, which makes us feel like we’re part of an elite community. We’re wanting to say something like “priv-kuh,” but we know that’s not right. Those who are in the know probably pronounce it “pwoozshe” or something along those lines. What’s cooler than a camera pack that can’t even be pronounced? Provocative, no?

PRVKE PackActually, there may be something even cooler.

The company that’s producing the PRVKE Pack is called WANDRD.

Which we’re thinking is probably pronounced “Wooster.”

Postscript: You’ll be pleased to find that they’ve made their Kickstarter target—with a vengeance!—and are on track to begin shipping their pack next year, for the cool, cool price of $270.00. (Unless you had the good fortune to get in on the $195.00 Kickstarter deal.)


*Somewhat exaggerated—one might almost say entirely fanciful—account, designed to emphasize the toughness of the PRVKE Pack. Do not, we repeat, do NOT try this at home.