Lightroom 6 is faster, but it’s no revolution…

adobe photoshop lightroom 6Sean O’Kane, writing for The Verge, renders a respectful but slightly chilly review of Lightroom’s newest incarnation. He was looking forward to epochal changes, just like you were. But, darn it, he’s just unable to identify in Lightroom 6 the kind of pioneering territory that would justify the announcement of a ‘new’ version. Whereas Lightroom 5 really did introduce new bells and whistles, the main contribution of Lightroom 6 is improved speed. Check [this] out and see if you follow his reasoning. But we know you’re busy, so here’s the condensed version.

adobe photoshop lightroom 6“More of an update than a revolution,” Lightroom 6 arrives at your doorstep either as standalone software, or as part of an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription. Caveat emptor: if you purchase the standalone version, you’ll have to purchase separate licenses for other Adobe software, and you won’t have access to the file-syncing features. If, however, you subscribe to Creative Cloud, you’ll be able to access “Lightroom CC” in mobile, desktop, and web versions, file syncing, Photoshop, and other goodies.

adobe photoshop lightroom 6Of course, Lightroom 6 isn’t all about enhanced speed. It does introduce HDR and panorama tools that enable editing without discernible loss of quality, and facial recognition—nice!—and more nuanced control over the graduated filter. But if you were expecting the new Lightroom to really push the envelope, you may want to re-think what to do with that spare $149 you’ve got rattling around in your account.