Photo theft not entirely unlike David & Goliath

DeShaun A. Craddock is a self-taught photographer based in Brooklyn, and in 2008, he shot the photo on the left.  A year later, he stumbled across a Kenneth Cole t-shirt at Macy’s. Notice anything?

photo theft

Photo Credit: DeShaun A. Craddock

photo theft

Photo Credit: Yeah, still DeShaun A. Craddock

Well, as you can imagine, DeShaun noticed it too. His photography had been used on a Kenneth Cole t-shirt, and was now for sale at Macy’s. After the shock (and the flattery) wore off, this intrepid young photographer decided to chase down the thieves and get himself some compensation.

The conclusion is a bit less inspiring than we would hope. In this story, the photographer meets Kenneth Cole himself, is awarded a $500 gift card and gets exactly nothing else from the photo theft. However, he learns a valuable lesson, and gains at least the small amount of wisdom that an experience like this can teach.

Read his full account [here].