Sith Lords, it turns out, follow a really very ordinary daily routine--much like yours.

photos of Darth VaderYou’re eagerly anticipating the release of the new Star Wars movie, right? We are too. And we’re sure you’ve seen all the trailers, and have been smiling at all of the ways in which “Star Wars”-esque themes have been appropriated online by everybody from multinational corporations, to your cousin Effie and her pet beta fish…

photos of Darth VaderWell, this photo project should serve as a pleasing palliative to the sense of disconnection we might otherwise feel. If what you’re wanting is to experience a sense of more intimate relationship to the characters in the Star Wars epic, then look no further! Here’s a delightful and heartwarming look at what Darth Vader’s life looks like when he’s not in uniform–being spiritual but not religious–and strangling people from fifteen feet away.

What you’ll actually be looking at is an ongoing project photographed by Paweł Kadysz of Bialystok, Poland. The force is strong with this one! Kadysz has embarked on a 365-day challenge: to shoot photos of Darth Vader, capturing images of the villain’s humdrum day-in, day-out existence on his days off. The photo series is edgy and fascinating: a series of glimpses of the Sith Lord as “just a normal guy with
everyday life problems.”


Kadysz is blogging one photo per day…and, we can only assume, taking his life into his own hands in the doing! How it is that Vader fails to detect a disturbance in the force (or, at any rate, a disturbance of his privacy), as the Polish photographer creeps around his kitchen windows, is a matter to be addressed by nerdier Star Wars enthusiasts than us. And we’d rather not even start in on the time-space paradoxes involved. We’re just here to enjoy some seriously fascinating candid portraiture.

photos of Darth VaderAs it turns out, the guy is a lot like you and me. Well, if our bodies had been almost completely destroyed by a river of trans-galactic lava. But that’s a detail. Let’s stick with the bigger picture. Darth Vader evidently led the same sort of dull everyday existence that we do: washing dishes, ordering out for Chinese, watching tennis on TV. These photos are gold! If you want to be a fly on the wall to observe the daily doings of one of the most iconic super-villains in all of galactic history, this photo album should satisfy your hankerin’… and then some.

photos of Darth Vader





Here’s another piece treating Pawel Kadysz’s “Photos of Darth Vader” project.