Shark Camera Thief Dons Headset, Steals Show

To be fair, the story of this particular shark camera thief is old news. (Like, 2010 news. Shark photo credit Karin Brussaard.) Sharks and monkeys and bears (oh my!) have been stealing photography gear since time began. Since photography began. And especially since GoPro began making tough little bite-sized cameras.

We all remember the Selfie Monkey Debacle of 2014. GoPro is the go-to camera of choice for light-fingered critters. And there was the octopus that stole the GoPro. And the sea lion, the squirrel, countless seagulls and pretty much any animal that can lift one.

So the question is, are clever marketers trying to create viral videos by baiting animals into “stealing” their gear?  Or are smaller, more robust cameras simply less expensive, more appealing, more portable and robust enough to take the abuse and continue filming? The answer is probably somewhere in the middle.

We predict that photographers will continue to have their gear “stolen” by curious animals, and these videos will become less sensational to the point where it is no longer worth the trouble to bait wild animals into stealing your GoPro.