Zach and Jody have created a three-part series on natural light sunset shooting that answers more questions than you might ever think to ask. They spell out very specific, technical tips for all phases of the sunset, from when the sun is high to receding to when the sun is entirely gone, but a little light remains.

Take the time to study these techniques to test your knowledge, see what you can learn, and share your thoughts in the comments.

Part 1 shows you techniques to use when the sun is still high in the sky, and there is plenty of light.Natural Light Sunset

Part 2 gives tips on what to do when the sun has just begun to dip into the horizon, but before it is completely hidden from view.
Natural Light Sunset

Part 3 demonstrates cover shooting with highly reduced contrast as the sun finally goes down.
Natural Light Sunset

To see more from Zach and Jody (but mostly Zach) check out our interview with him [here].