Because you’ve secretly always wanted Stormsmen and Droidsmaids in your wedding.

Well, the newest entry in the Star Wars saga debuted last week. (If that was news to you, don’t tell anybody—we promise not to tell, either.) And, predictably, with the release of a Star Wars film you can count on a corresponding rash of ‘Star Wars wedding’ extravaganzas.

Star Wars weddingThere are two schools of thought regarding whether it’s cool to feature ‘Star Wars’ imagery in your wedding. Those schools can be roughly summarized as “yes, it is,” and “no, it’s not.” Leaving to one side the nuances of the debate, why don’t we take a minute to survey some of the results when people say “YES!” to the temptation to introduce a Star Wars theme into their wedding?

Star Wars weddingYou’d think that the stately closing scene from the original Star Wars film (or ‘Part Four: A New Hope,’ as it has latterly come to be known) might serve as the model for lots of high-toned Star Wars wedding processionals, but that’s not the sort of thing we’re seeing. To say the least, ‘stately’ is not the word that best describes the scenes we’re about to introduce you to, scenes which we (in turn) were introduced to by Mon Cheri magazine.

In no particular order, when you click on the link you will be confronted with…

Star Wars weddingShots of the bridal party fleeing, not from a carnivorous dinosaur, but from dinosaur-like Imperial AT units.

Imperial Stormtroopers employed as escorts, groomsmen and henchmen.

Several creative appropriations of that classic declaration of eternal devotion:

“I love you!” “I know.”

Yodas, wookiees and R2-units adorning the wedding cake. Among the other unlikely wedding ornaments: Star Wars weddingJabba the Hutt.

Flower girls dressed up as Princess Leia, in their little Leia-tards.

Star Wars-themed garters, stockings and bridal footwear. Perhaps it’s just us, but the idea of Darth Vader’s head featured prominently on a garter is one of those things that probably ought not to have been thought of.

Star Wars weddingStormtrooper cufflinks. Stormtrooper cufflinks! Yes.

Light sabers and the Millennium Falcon in the most unlikely places. (Thankfully, not on any bridal garters.)

Star Wars weddingStar Wars-themed rings, because nothing embodies the permanence of an unbreakable commitment like a nod to the transience of pop culture.

And light sabers. Lots of light sabers. You know, the plastic kind.

After having leafed through the photo essay, we’re forced to conclude that, though we may have taken exception to some of the choices, there are worse things than a Star Wars wedding.

After all, word on the street is that there’s a new Star Trek film coming out soon….

Star Wars wedding