Turn over a clean slate! Start the new year off with a new leaf.

Gifts unwrapped, eggnog consumed, fruitcake repurposed, New Year’s Eve observed in a signally moderate fashion. Check, check, check, check. What’s left to do?  Experiment! Discover new frontiers. Try out some new photo project ideas. Let 2016 be the year of the daring, creatively further_ypawesome version of you.

PhotoJojo.com has five bang-up new photo project ideas for you to try out in the new year, followed by a sweet little miscellany of cool micro-inspirations.  Here are a couple of the ones we liked the best.

Photo Project Ideas for the Self-Portraitist

small_yp1-2“Are your self-portrait photos a daily habit,” PhotoJojo wants to know, “scheduled between having coffee & combing your hair?” Because if not, he’s got a couple of great ideas for you. The first is that you take a self-portrait every day. If you’re uncomfortably suspicious that this might just be for the pathologically narcissistic among us… which probably means you’re not one of those people who have purchased a selfie stick… then just consider how interesting an ongoing chronicle of the daily shifts in your facial expression, hair configuration, etc. might be!

small_yp1-1You’ve seen photo series like this, of course, by people who have taken annual photos to capture the process of growth and aging. But the micro-changes from day to day might introduce a whole new set of possibilities: growth of beard, for instance, or—if this idea seems a bit unappealing or perhaps even irrelevant to some of you ladies—variations in makeup or hair.

Another idea is that you take a series of self-portraits and layer them into one mondo self-portrait. Mm-hmm, here’s yet another useful thing you can do with Photoshop.

Photo Project Ideas for the Camera-Shy

selfie-970044_960_720For a fun variation on the typical idea of a self-portrait, how about this: Take daily photos of where you’re standing (perhaps including your toes, if they’re nice and if you keep your nails trimmed). This can be one consistent place every day, or a variety of places. A different version of this idea would be that you take a photo series of your favorite eatery, place to hang out, or local scenic view. Capture the place in a variety of weather conditions, qualities of light, seasons… capture the place populated and desolate, day and night. Hey, it worked for Monet and Cezanne! Sort of.