In spite of constantly changing algorithms, sometimes baffling rules, and an administrative section that can be confusing, your Facebook page can still be a successful part of marketing your photography business. With over a billion active users, you can be almost certain that your ideal clients are on Facebook – and they don’t want to leave. More and more, businesses are having to find new, innovative and interesting ways to engage their customers on Facebook.

Here are just three Facebook Page Settings that can change the way you use your Facebook business page.


Instant Replies

Under the Messaging Tab in your Page Settings, you’ll find this handy little checkbox, which is a godsend for every small business owner who gets anxious at the thought of one more inbox to check. From this tab, you can control several settings, including what shows up in your About section regarding how quickly you reply to messages, but we recommend the Instant Replies setting for anyone who would rather schedule that time into their daily or weekly calendar,  instead of being hostage to their notifications. You could also use this setting to redirect customers to your contact page, or email.


Tagging Ability

The default setting for who can tag photos on your page is limited only to you – the administrator. For a photographer, enabling tagging for anyone can increase the reach of your images exponentially – a group of bridesmaids will eagerly tag themselves and their friends to ensure everyone sees the image. This setting is under the General Tab and is as easy to adjust as clicking Edit and checking the radio box to enable tagging.


Comment Ranking

Between threaded replies and comment ranking, Facebook’s changes to how comments are displayed can be confounding at the best of times. The comment ranking setting, under the General tab, enables you to turn off the setting which puts the most relevant comment at the top of the comments section of your posts. Relevancy is determined by the number of likes, number of replies, and so on – but can make interacting with new comments harder, especially using the mobile interface which can be finicky at times with regards to loading other comments. With comment ranking turned off, you’ll be able to easily see which comment has been most recently added, and respond to it, increasing engagement with your customers, and improving the views your page gets.
Mastering the settings on your Facebook page is just one part of running a successful Facebook page. For more tips and tricks for building your following, check out this great post by Hilary Fox, and get posting!