Wedding detail shots are all the same, right?

In modern wedding photography, wedding detail shots have grown in popularity among brides, wedding photographers and a million boards on Pinterest. However, with that increase in popularity has come a stark down-tick in the originality. There are only so many ways to photograph a close-up of a ring…right? It may seem counterintuitive to list 3 unique ways to shoot the wedding details, because as soon as those three ways are shared, their uniqueness become ubiquity. Next thing you know, everybody is doing it, and all the detail shots start to look exactly the same. (Orwell predicted this.)

But not so fast! The folks at the Shoot Dot Edit Blog have compiled a list of three ways of thinking about the wedding detail shots that will drive you to create your own unique look, feel, and composition. By honing your skills & your thought processes, you will be able to create beautiful detail shots for every wedding that are uniquely yours and capture those wedding day details like a still life tableau! 

Read the Shoot Dot Edit blog post [here]. And while you’re at it, look around – the team at SDE has put a lot of work into their blog, and it is loaded with useful information for the professional photographer. 

wedding detail shots - from Shoot Dot Edit