Aw, c'mon fellas, now you're making US a bit misty.

564a6dab1e00002d00264a10The stereotype, of course, is that (in general) women cry at weddings, while the men are stoically sitting there, waiting with laudable patience for the whole thing to be over.

Well, that may be true of the men in the congregation who’ve dutifully allowed themselves to be dragged to a wedding by their wives; we suspect that in more than a few cases, though, the fellows have felt more than they’ve been letting on. For instance, we’ve personally been to weddings where (could it have been a trick of the light?) a silver-crowned father giving his daughter away has had to blink back a tear or two.

And what about the grooms themselves? Weeping grooms? Hmm? Well, nothing could be more clear than that the fellers getting hitched in this photo series are pretty much overcome with emotion.


Tradition has set forth a narrow range of settings in which manly tears may be shed without making the onlookers squirm. And one of these is most certainly the sacrament of marriage. A man who is able to make it through the most important ceremony of his life, one in which the most important decision of his life is being publicly ratified, involving the deepest emotional investment of his life and the most important person in his life—if he can make it through this event without a bit of moisture making itself evident upon a quivering eyelid, well, he must be made of sterner stuff than we are.





















As a wedding shooter, you find yourself called upon to capture a whole spectrum of incidents and icons, group portraits and spontaneous captures of unrepeatable moments. But when all the layers of convention are stripped away, what’s left is the emotional content. And the moments captured in these photos are the quintessence of emotional content.

564b8bbd1f00002500f3cff5Check out these photos in which the manliest of men find themselves undone as they enter into a new life with the woman to whom they have pledged their undying troth. It turns out that weeping grooms make terrific portrait subjects.

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